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The Startup Advantage in AI

The best founders in the generative AI space can see around corners – they’re understanding how this technology will change the markets they’re in, years ahead of everyone else.

They see where it will create niches. Where startups have an edge over incumbents. Which industries will be transformed, and in what ways.

I recently went back to my alma mater, Stanford GSB, to share with up-and-coming founders the mental models we’ve developed to guide their thinking.

Today we’re publishing a few select parts of that talk, “The Startup Advantage in AI” which covers:

  • What was the first industry to be truly disrupted by AI? And what that tells us about the future of the technology.
  • When is AI a “sustaining innovation” and when is it “disruptive” – expanding on this previous essay.
  • 5 different paths for disruptive AI startups.
  • What NFX looks for when investing in AI companies – which we’ve written about in more depth here.
  • Next time we’ll have to film the Q&A as well. GSB students asked great questions that really bring these principles to life. For now, here’s the talk:
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Pete Flint
General Partner
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