We’re Scientist-Founders. We’ve walked in your shoes, from the lab to scaling $B+ techbio companies.
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NFX Bio is the home for Scientist-Founders. We have been in your shoes, and have, ourselves, invented new approaches to biology and started and scaled these companies to multi-billion dollar outcomes. We operate with a very different value system:
    • We make fast decisions
    • We understand the science and the business
    • We prefer to lead rounds

Like you, we understand the time for solving the world’s problems – at scale – is now. At no other time in modern history has there been a need so immense for science to lead our society toward a better future. We see three enabling shifts:

First, the rise of the Scientist-Founder is upon us.


Still today, Scientists are typically not empowered to run companies. Instead, they are replaced by people with business experience, retaining minimal equity. We believe the best Founders are Scientist-Founders. We help scientists learn to be Founders and have found it works far better than the other way around.

Second, the timing for Tech-Bio is now.

We call it “Tech-Bio” because information technology is the guiding force behind today’s leading biology companies. This is a critical distinction with massive implications. The Scientist-Founders of the future must gain deep expertise as the biology field progresses rapidly, moving from:

    • Analog to Digital
Biology is getting digitized w/ DNA sequencing, synthesis, and sensors.  
    • Human Design to AI/ML
The complexity of biology is being unraveled with AI/ML advancements and computing at scale.  
    • Manual to Automation
Error-prone manual labor to high throughput precision automation.

Third, the global imperative is clear.

Covid-19 laid bare our national and global inability to rapidly scale our health and food systems. Consider that while the Covid vaccine was ready in 2 days, it took a year to approve and begin distribution. As investors, we believe it is our responsibility to find and fund Scientist-Founders who see solutions others do not – and who are committed to solve complex global problems with the power of technology.

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