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Announced Investments · 19
Mammoth Biosciences
The CRISPR platform for therapeutics and diagnostics
C2i Genomics
Bio-platform for monitoring treatment response for solid cancers
Universal vaccine platform
Harnessing evolution to develop therapies to defeat treatment resistant
Talus Bio
Gene regulator profiling in live cells for drug development
Pepper Bio
Transomics drug discovery platform
Utilizes T-cells machinery for in-vivo gene-editing of target cells
Psyga (Stealth)
Platform for discovering plant based medicines
Pumpkinseed (Stealth)
Quantitative detection of single captured proteins on a silicon chip
Precision oncology based on deep multiomics
Programmable drug delivery
La Jolla Labs
High-throughput screening technology for RNA drug discovery
Universal CAR-like T cell for solid cancer
Bio transport through the blood brain barrier
Trojan Bio (Stealth)
Platform for the generation of bi-functional Trojan antibodies
Founding and funding at the intersection of Tech and Bio
Twist Bioscience
Synthetic biology
Virta Health
Reversing type 2 diabetes
Genome Compiler
Market-Network for synthetic biology industry
NFX Bio Leads