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Who we are

Creating something of true significance starts with seeing things others do not.

This ability shows up in rare founders. Those who see the world differently and run through walls to make their vision happen.

As founders, we reinvented industries this way. We built 10 companies with more than $10 Billion in exits and know what it takes not just to create massive value, but also enduring change.

As seed investors, our approach is no different – we invest in the best, the anti-normal, the visionaries. We invest in transforming fearless founders into elite leaders.

We fund you first and we fund you fast. Then we help you get it right fast. Then we help you raise your next round fast. And we have your back from there.

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NFX Logo
NFX Logo
NFX Logo
When we invest, founders have access to our entire team – not just one partner. We also build software, content, data products, events, and welcome you to The NFX Guild: our invite-only network of the world’s leading founders.
The Guild
Every partner we back joins The NFX Guild, a network of 500+ visionary Founders. Benefits of The Guild include:
  • 1:1s with GPs
  • Fundraising support
  • Pitch deck design
  • PR & brand positioning support
  • Messaging and storytelling
  • Growth marketing and GTM expertise
  • Legal and IP counsel
  • Executive coaching and workshops
  • HR and hiring playbooks
  • Compensation benchmarks
  • Curated vendors with discounted pricing
  • Online and in person events
  • A private library of 500+ shortcuts
  • A private, online Founder community
How we invest
What does “NFX” stand for?
NFX stands for network effects. Network effects are mechanisms in a product and business where every new user makes the product/service/experience more valuable to every other user. Our Network Effects Manual describes the 16 different types of network effects. Network effects are the #1 way to create defensibility in the digital world, and companies with the strongest types of nfx built into their core business model tend to win, and win big. We’ve studied network effects for over 20 years and now share insights and have published our own masterclass.
What stage does NFX invest at?
We typically invest in seed and pre-seed companies, with an average check size of $1-$5M.
What does NFX invest in?
We currently invest in 8 focus areas: Bio, Gaming, Generative AI, PropTech, Marketplaces, and FinTech + Crypto. We generally don’t invest in hardware, medical devices and much deep tech. We also generally don’t invest in companies without network effects or where network effects can’t be built.
Does NFX invest outside of the U.S.?
Yes, we actively invest in the U.S., Israel, Latin America and Europe. 
What does NFX focus on when making investment decisions?
We focus primarily on two areas when underwriting potential investments: the founding team and the market opportunity.
How should I get in touch?
The best way to reach us for investment inquiries is through a warm introduction or via Signal, the founder: VC network. For general inquiries, you can email us at qed@nfx.com and for press inquiries, reach us at press@nfx.com.

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