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From Idea to IPO: A Behind-the-Scenes Retrospective on Building Trulia

Pete Flint · @peteflint · Mar 2023

In 2003: I had just come over from the UK to attend Stanford GSB.  Back in Europe, I had been part of the founding team of lastminute.com (acquired in 2005 for $1.1B) and was figuring out ideas for my next startup. That startup became real estate marketplace Trulia (merged with Zillow for $3.5BN in 2015).

20 years later:  I recently had the opportunity to go back to Stanford and talk with GSB students about my Founder journey, including how we used a downturn to our advantage.

Today we’re making that talk public, to give more startups and CEOs a look at the playbook and tactics we used to grow a billion-dollar business from idea to IPO.

The talk covers most of my Founder journey from idea to IPO, including:

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