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NFX’s New $450M Fund For Pre-Seed & Seed
The NFX Team ·@NFX
Oct 2021

Here’s what might be interesting for Founders to know about our new fund.

1. At $450M, NFX’s Fund III is the largest fund exclusively dedicated to pre-seed & seed startups.

2. Your success at pre-seed and seed is our only business. We are not a multi-stage VC. Everything about NFX is designed to help pre-seed and seed companies win.

3. We’re your first investor. We lead deals. We typically invest between $500K and $5M and have capital to follow on and support you through your company’s life.

4. Founders come first. We partner with world-class founders and support them with everything we’ve got.

5. NFX excels at helping you raise your next round. We have software and systems to make that happen, and we’re grateful to have most of the world’s leading later-stage investors in our tribe.

6. We’ve seeded 25 unicorns to date — including DoorDash, Lyft, Mammoth Biosciences, Patreon, Playtika, Poshmark, SimilarWeb, Trulia and many more on the way.

7. In addition to General Partners James Currier, Pete Flint, and Gigi Levy-Weiss, we now have GP Omri Drory to run NFX Bio & GP Morgan Beller to lead crypto & more. Talk to them.

8. We are Founder-first, because we were Founders first. We founded and exited 10 companies worth over $10B combined. We’ve walked in your shoes.

9. 100,000s use our free startup software that helps Founders worldwide maximize their networks and fundraise.

10. We’re #1 at building network effects into startups. Network effects account for 70% of the value creation in tech. That’s why we named our firm NFX.

11. Our NFX team is 45 people. We bring levels of support to seed-stage teams that are usually seen only at multi-stage firms.

12. The NFX Guild gives our Founders and their teams unfair advantages. We create insider playbooks and masterclasses for our Guild for recruiting, PR, culture, branding, fundraising, go-to-market, board management, and more.

We invest across all industries, and we are particularly focused on businesses with network effects and in these sectors: crypto, marketplaces, techbio, games, fintech, and proptech. We invest in the U.S., Israel, Latam, and Europe.

For NFX, a big new fund is simply the rocket fuel that lets us work with exceptional Founders. Building the future is the point.

Gratitude to the Founders we’ve already partnered with.

Let’s go.

The NFX Team

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The NFX Team
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