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The 5 New Leadership Skills of Great Web3 Founders

Nearly everyone talks about web3 from a technology and cultural perspective. But what’s often overlooked is that the people in web3 are different.

Web3 Founders, leaders, and builders are skilled in different areas. They have different personalities, values, and motivations.

If we truly want to understand web3, we can’t just read whitepapers and join Discords. We need to understand the leaders behind the technology.

After talking to 100s of web3 Founders, I’ve repeatedly seen the most successful leaders demonstrate these 5 skills:

1. Systems Thinker – 00:23
2. Community Leader – 01:27
3. Democratic – 02:16
4. Pie Maker, Not Taker – 02:52
5. Unlearner – 03:29

Web3 is changing more than technology & culture, it’s also changing how we lead. These 5 skills only start to explain how and why web3 Founders are different than their web2 counterparts.

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Morgan Beller
General Partner
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