We believe creating something of true significance starts with seeing things others do not.

This ability shows up in rare Founders. Those who think independently and creatively. Outsiders who never compromise their point of view, and never give up.

As Founders, we reinvented industries with this mindset.

As investors, our approach is no different – our goal is to transform how innovators are funded. We fund you first and we fund you fast. Then we help you get it right fast. Then we help you raise your next round at levels that are often embarrassingly high.

We bring the Founders we back exponential yet little-known techniques for network effects and growth. We make visible the typically unseen methods and give you unfair advantages.

Having built 10 companies with more than $10 billion in exits across multiple industries and geographies, we’re entrepreneur-first because we were entrepreneurs first.

And we’re determined to guard the backs of the next generation of fearless founders.