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5 Years In
The NFX Team ·@NFX
Feb 2023

When we started NFX 5 years ago, our mission was to be the top pre-seed and seed VC in the world, partnering with the best Founders in the world.

We’ve been in your shoes. Before NFX, we had collectively founded 10 companies that exited for over $10B. We wanted to build the venture firm we wish existed when we were Founders.

That’s why NFX has been purpose built for seed from day one. Everything we do is designed to help you win.

So, 5 years in, how’s it going?

Some highlights:

  • We’ve raised multiple large pre-seed and seed funds that allow us to provide the right amount of capital to the founders we back.
  • NFX has grown to 5 General Partners teaming up to help our companies grow.
  • We’re looking for the world’s best Founders. To find them, we’ve reviewed over 23,000 companies, and made 133 core investments to date.
  • Our companies are defining their categories and exploring new frontiers in Gaming, TechBio, Generative Tech, PropTech, FinTech, Crypto, and Marketplaces.
  • We always lead. And once we invest, we support you with everything we’ve got.
  • NFX has 45 team members who make up the largest and most effective platform team in the world at Seed stage.
  • Every new NFX company in the Guild makes the others stronger. Whereas the old venture model was concentrated in the minds of the few GPs, the NFX approach turns that inside out.
  • Like you, we build software. To help Founders in general, and especially those we invest in, we’ve developed 7 different software products from scratch.
  • For example, on Signal, the #1 fundraising network for Founders, there are now more than 100,000 monthly active users creating 2.5M direct connections on the network – with over 30,000 VCS who have built their profiles there.
  • We’ve published over 550 pieces of content for the entire Founder ecosystem, including essays, videos, podcasts, and a 3-hour video masterclass on network effects.

Over the last 5 years we’ve executed very closely to our original plan. We run the firm like a startup, and we’re geared up to be the #1 pre-seed and seed firm in the world.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Founders: come talk to us.

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The NFX Team
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