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The Future of Longevity: The Battle Against Human Aging (An NFX Documentary)

Most people will live into their mid seventies. But only about 64 of those years are truly lived. We lose a decade (and often more) as memory fades, mobility declines and immunity weakens.

Aging is at the core of this loss. But we’re in the middle of a transition. By tackling aging itself, scientist-founders are uncovering ways to keep people healthier, for longer.

2024 is the beginning of a landmark decade for longevity companies. These founders are among the first to really see aging as a disease. They’re first to have a solid corpus of research to back that idea up. And they’re moving faster and more precisely thanks to the tools of technology and biology.

The NFX Bio team, headed by Omri Amirav-Drory, has seen this network grow and strengthen in recent years. Now, everything is coalescing. So we went out into the field – from the middle of the woods in Nevada City, to the preeminent aging research institutions in the country – to tell this story.

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