A guild is much more than community. It’s a tribe of founders that collectively advances, and a membership that lasts for a lifetime.

Every founder we back becomes a member of the NFX Guild, the network of 200+ NFX Founders.

For seed and early A startups, we invest from $500k to $5 million, give them access to the Guild platform, and work with them through exit.

It’s an active Guild of Founders building network effect businesses, committed to sharing KPIs, insights, and access, protected by water tight privacy policies. The Guild is connected with software, and banded with a well-orchestrated network of venture operators around Silicon Valley and Israel.

Every new NFX company makes the others stronger. In the NFX approach, access and control reside at the edges of the network. This allows strength and complexity to grow exponentially, like all well-functioning distributed networks. Whereas the old venture model was concentrated in the minds of the few GPs, this model turns that inside out. At the center of that process is the Guild. It’s a special group to be a part of and we’re proud of the Guild culture we’ve built with them.

As founders, the Guild is exactly what we’d have wanted. Because when you’re surrounded with the right people, you can see what others do not.

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