Sarah Miers
Guild Fundraising Strategist ·
San Francisco, CA
Sarah Miers
Leveraging investor data and networks to help founders raise their next round of capital.
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Sarah's Story

Sarah helps Guild founders successfully navigate the fundraising process. From researching and qualifying potential investors to finding the right partners, she’s with them every step of the way.

Sarah has been sourcing, investing in, and supporting entrepreneurs for over 8 years, primarily in global health, agriculture, education, and climate/conservation. She’s worked across the public, nonprofit, and private sectors and is fascinated by funding flows within and between all three. She loves working with high-energy, early stage teams, which was a focus of her prior investment roles at the Mulago and Skoll Foundations and her graduate work with the InterAmerican Development Bank.

Sarah holds a Master of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, B.A.s from UC Santa Barbara, and a certificate in venture finance from VC University.

Sarah is a long-time soccer player, ceramicist, and new pet parent to her rescue pup Ava. As a 4th generation San Franciscan, she’s committed to help SF thrive and is increasingly involved in local community development programming in our city by the Bay.

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