Chris Travers
Chief Operating Officer ·
San Francisco, CA
Chris Travers
Chris' Story

Chris spent over a decade as a securities lawyer in NYC focused on high yield bond work before making the leap to the startup world. An early employee at Bonobos where his initial compensation was two pairs of pants per week, he worked as General Counsel and Chief Business Officer helping to grow the business through to its eventual sale to Walmart. He was VP and COO of Digital Consumer Brands at Walmart eCommerce where he helped to build an ecosystem of proprietary consumer brands via incubation and acquisition. He also co-founded Red Swan Ventures which has raised four funds and invested in some of the most successful consumer brands of the past decade.

He holds his B.A. from Hamilton College and his J.D. from the University of Virginia Law School.

A Boston area native, before coming to the Bay Area Chris spent 25 years in NYC living proudly and unapologetically as a Boston sports fan. He enjoys photography, running, hiking with his wife and two kids and rocking out to AC/DC (also unapologetically).

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