Anna Piñol
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San Francisco
Anna Piñol
Founder turned Investor. Partnering with visionary Founders to build tomorrow's category-defining companies.
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Anna's Story

Anna is a Partner at NFX focused on investing in the U.S., Europe and LatAm. She is a former founder and operator with experience across Marketplaces, AI and Fintech.

She started her career at Amazon as part of the early team of Marketplace/FBA, and rose to become one of the youngest managers in Europe. In 2017 she moved to the U.S. to get her MBA at Stanford, where she co-founded Jupiter (YC S19) with 3 other classmates. NFX was fortunate to lead her Seed round alongside Khosla Ventures and Y Combinator in 2019, and were even more fortunate years later when she joined NFX’s investment team.

Originally from Barcelona, Anna has lived across 3 different continents having spent time in the U.S., Brazil, France, and Mexico. She is fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Catalan.

Anna’s own journey as an immigrant-founder underlies her core belief that running a startup is as much about personal transformation as it is about company building. She has a global outlook and encourages her international network to come spend time in San Francisco, specifically in Cerebral Valley to experience the energy of the AI zeitgeist.

As a founder turned investor, Anna is passionate about partnering with founders as they navigate the 0 to 1, both from a business and personal development perspective. She strives to be the first person that founders text with good news and bad.


Anna is especially focused on AI applications transforming SaaS (the AI workforce), marketplaces, and fintech – and also has a keen interest in the next wave of consumer companies.

That said, Anna recognizes the best ideas come from the most unexpected places, so she strives to always be on the lookout for seemingly “weird” ideas, and dream alongside visionary founders.

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