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Why NFX Invested in ScaleOps: The Startup that Reduces Cloud Costs by Up to 80%
Why NFX Invested in ScaleOps

Nearly every company relies on the cloud for critical business functions, a reliance that can rapidly increase costs depending on the scale of their digital infrastructure. 

This seemingly endless growth of enterprise cloud has vaulted tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google into the trillion-dollar club. 

Now, businesses are starting to think about how to manage and optimize their cloud environments. ScaleOps, a Tel Aviv-based cloud startup does exactly this, enabling organizations to focus on their core business objectives and dramatically reduce cloud costs, by up to 80%. 

Since its founding in 2022, ScaleOps has experienced rapid growth worldwide, and today it helps dozens of industry leaders including Wiz, PayU, Orca Security, Outbrain and others. 

We led their seed round, and now ScaleOps is announcing a $15M Series A funding round, from Lightspeed Venture Partners, with participation from NFX, Glilot Capital Partners, and others, bringing their total funding to $21.5 million. 

Here’s why we’ve backed them from the start:

1. ScaleOps Platform

“Data is the new oil” is a saying that has been said at nearly every tech conference for the last two decades. If that’s the case, then cloud is the new oil tanker, pipeline, storage facility, truck, and gas station. 

In 2023, the enterprise cloud industry was estimated at more than $500 billion, and is expected to reach more than $1 trillion by 2028. Nearly every connected business in the world relies on a cloud in one way or another. 

If Scaleops could help businesses save even 5% on their cloud spend, thats billions in savings, let alone 80%. 

2. Businesses’ Expensive and Innefecient Use of Kubernetes

Inefficient Kubernetes optimization causes a number of problems for companies including higher costs, precious engineering time being wasted, lower performance, and decreased reliability.

As Kubernetes environments become more complex, optimizing them manually can become increasingly difficult, time-consuming, and error-prone. Engineers spend countless hours manually adjusting cloud resources to meet fluctuating demand — trying to avoid under or overprovisioning — resulting in millions of dollars wasted on unused resources or poor application performance issues during peak demand.

ScaleOps Platform

ScaleOps’ Platform

ScaleOps’ is the first fully automated platform, that solves these issues by continously and automatically optimizing and managing cloud native resources in run-time with machine learning algorithms that analyze performance and ensures application scaling matches real time demand, to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase reliability. 

3. All Star Team

ScaleOps also has an all star team to help deliver on this promise. 

CEO and co-founder, Yodar Shafrir, previously led software team at Run AI and has vast experience in the K8s space, and was joined by Guy Baron, co-founder and CTO, who previously served as Head of R&D at Wix, a leading cloud-based website building company where he saw first hand the challenges and expenses of building massive web infrastructure in the cloud. 

Together they build a veteran team of superstars, with experience from NetApp, Wix, Amazon, Facebook, Cloudinary, and others. 

ScaleOps Team

The ScaleOps’ Team

To learn more about  the Scallops platform automation and  lower your cloud spend, please visit:

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