Top 11 Questions We Asked Tech Leaders in 2020

Top 11 Questions from NFX Podcast 2020

Today we’re making public the top 11 questions we asked some of tech’s leading minds in 2020. These are people who have achieved rare feats — from reinventing industries to rethinking technology — and are making their biggest lessons known, for you to gain.

1) What are the signs of a contrarian thinker?

Keith Rabois, General Partner at Founders Fund
Top 11 Questions

2) Is the tech industry facing a leadership crisis? 

Stacy Brown Philpot, Former CEO at TaskRabbit

3) What do Founders need to learn in hard times? 

Reid Hoffman, Partner at Greylock

4) Why do most startups fail?

Tom Eisenmann, Professor at Harvard Business School
Hidden Failure Patterns

5) What is the pricing framework Superhuman used?

Rahul Vohra, Founder & CEO at Superhuman

6) What makes a strong product manager?

April Underwood, Founder & CEO at Local Laboratory

7) Why do Founders avoid “hard talk” with their team?

David Sacks, Co-Founder & General Partner at Craft Ventures

8) How do you know if a startup is a Billion Dollar Idea?

Elad Gil, Co-Founder at Color Genomics, Investor in Airbnb, Stripe, Coinbase, & more

9) What are the behavioral triggers behind iconic products?

Dan Ariely, Professor at Duke University

10) What made crazy ideas like Uber & SpaceX seem like rational bets in the early days?

Cyan Banister, Investor at Long Journey Ventures

11) How did Fiverr get its first 100 customers?

Micha Kaufman, Founder & CEO at Fiverr

When we look back on our own companies we founded, it is profound how much we benefited from the wisdom of others. In many ways, 2020 made it even more visible how connected we all are, and how fortunate we are to be part of a community that shares our hardest experiences and most game-changing insights.