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Choosing The Final Frontier: Launching a Rocket Company with Andy Lapsa of Stoke Space
Andy Lapsa

“We have all the technical and economic ingredients needed to build a massive economy in space. We’re not focused on Mars or the Moon, we’re singularly focused on building a space economy that makes life better on Earth.”

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Today, NFX Partner Morgan Beller is joined by Andy Lapsa, Co-Founder & CEO of Stoke Space Technologies – a company building reusable second-stage rockets to seamlessly connect Earth and orbit.

Founded in 2019 and based in Renton, Washington they have been focused on the reusability aspect of rocketry to make space access more available and frequent in our future lives. Lapsa was a former employee and award-winning rocket engineer at Bezos’s Blue Origin, while the rest of their team spent time at SpaceX and other leading aerospace companies in the surrounding area.

As a lead investor, Morgan uncovers how they originally met, Andy’s full Founder journey, why space is such an important industry to apply talented engineers to, and his overall decision to enter one of the most complex sectors in the world of tech.

Visit their website here.

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