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NFX is tripling down on web3. For that, we need you.
NFX Web3 Hiring

It’s Thanksgiving. Everyone has finished their pie and you’re still at the table. You have to go home but you also cannot give up: you have to convince your aunt why Bitcoin is a great store of value.

If that resonates, we get you. Nice to meet you.

We also spend all day (and many nights) in the world of web3: reading about new protocols, buying NFTs, trying out new DEXs, working with (wonderfully) weird founders who see around corners… and more.

“More” is where you come in. Broadly, we’re looking for an investment team member, associate-level, to multiply our web3 efforts. By joining us in speaking with founders and evaluating new ideas. By building new ways to contribute to the space at large. By seeing things we do not and dreaming with us.

That’s what we’re doing and looking to do more of (with your help) at NFX.

What is the NFX web3 team interested in?

We’re generally fairly protocol/application agnostic. But we have two litmus tests:

1. Network effects (NFX stands for network effects): Network effects were a nice-to-have in web2. We believe, and are increasingly seeing, that network effects are a need-to-have in web3. The recent market turn is further proving this: products and platforms without strong network effects are in risky positions. When we’re evaluating projects, we ask ourselves: Does this founder understand network effects? What is the network effects potential within this product?

2. “Lowering the barrier to entry”: This is a bit buzzwordy, but we mean it. There is what we call “crypto for crypto’s sake” and there can be great businesses there. But we have to limit our scope somewhere. So we ask the question: “Does this product lower the barrier to entry for end-users, developers and/or enterprises to enter web3?”

So what’s it like to work with me?

The whole firm is all-in on web3.

But you’ll be spending a disproportionate amount of time with Morgan Beller (that’s me; okay let’s shift to first-person).

So what’s that like?

  • I live in San Francisco (bonus points if you’re in the area).
  • I don’t love Zoom.
  • I have trouble sitting still.
  • I talk and text with web3 founders all day long.
  • I have a sidekick who doesn’t miss meetings.
  • I am at my best if I get (at least) 8 hours of sleep a night.
  • I value weekends but I also need to get things done.
  • There’s just one version of me (for better or worse). I’m transparent (and a bit chaotic).
  • And I f&^#ing love crypto.

I’m looking for someone to…

  • Source and evaluate deals
  • Help manage our web3 portfolio
  • Help scale our web3 efforts across the board
  • Represent NFX in the community at large
  • Read, watch, listen, talk, play with all things going on in web3
  • And, and, and.

I have much more to say, but if you made it this far, please visit the more traditional job description for full details, and let’s see if we would want to work together.

Morgan Beller
General Partner
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