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NFX Bio: Investing in Scientist-Founders from the Very Beginning with Omri Amirav-Drory

We started NFX Bio as a home for Scientist-Founders working at the intersection of tech and bio to solve humanity’s biggest challenges.

You might think a self-driving car or the latest NFT drop is advanced technology. But a humble plant can do things technology can’t. Biology is the most advanced technology on earth. And there is something even more advanced than biology: Entrepreneurship. Founders can imagine the world as it should be. They can rip a hole in this universe and take us to a new one — and then build it.

Today, instead of overloading you with VC advice, here’s a simple 3-part exercise for explaining what you’re working on:

1. Is it big enough?
2. Do you have defensible magic?
3. Are you the right person for this project?

This simple storytelling framework works for a first meeting with investors, for recruiting, for partners and more.

Omri Drory, Ph.D.
General Partner
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As Founders ourselves, we respect your time. That’s why we built BriefLink, a new software tool that minimizes the upfront time of getting the VC meeting. Simply tell us about your company in 9 easy questions, and you’ll hear from us if it’s a fit.

Join 222K+ Subscribers