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Gaming Superpowers for Non-Game Founders with Gabi Shalel (Plarium) & Gigi Levy-Weiss

Gigi Levy-Weiss · @gigilevy · Mar 2021

Plarium NFX Podcast

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Gabi Shalel is an amazing games founder – he understands the type of innovation, fast iteration, and quality required to create a successful games company. These things are also very valuable for every founder, every startup.

So today, NFX General Partner Gigi Levy-Weiss talks to Gabi about the lessons he’s learned from starting, growing, and selling Plarium for $500M that other founders can take and apply to their own startups, including:

  • Psychology of ultra-fast iterations
  • People and Hiring
  • Pivoting
  • Social in your product
  • Conversion tactics
  • much more

Listen to the podcast here

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