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Erik Torenberg & James Currier on being Citizens of the Internet

James Currier · @jamescurrier · Dec 2020

Erik Torenberg NFX

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Erik Torenberg is an entrepreneur, investor, and most importantly a community builder. NFX General Partner James Currier connects with Erik on the intricacies of building online & offline communities, behavioral psychology of users, and useful tactics/frameworks for early-stage Founders to consider when building their company.

Erik is originally from New Jersey and studied economics at the University of Michigan. His investments portfolio includes Rappi, Scale, Nurx, Lattice, Omni, Long-Term Stock Exchange, Winnie, Carrot, Kite, Cover, and ~80 more. He is a son of Israeli and Colombian immigrants and has worked to invest in those ecosystems as well.

He was on the founding team of Product Hunt and hosts his podcast show, ‘Venture Stories’. His latest venture outside of being Co-Founder & Partner at Village Global is called The On Deck Fellowship (ODF). The ODF is a 10-week virtual program where you’ll have access to a network of 200+ talented founders from all over the world who are all in the early stages of working on their next company. Erik’s love for community building and connecting humans is world-class and beneficial for Founders everywhere.

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