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The Golden Age of Simulation with Chris Anderson & James Currier

James Currier · @jamescurrier · Oct 2020

Golden Age of Simulation

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On this episode of the NFX Podcast we have one of the most generative people in Silicon Valley, Chris Anderson. He was famously Editor in Chief at Wired for over a decade during an insanely influential time in tech. He also is the author of The Long Tail, Free, and Makers.

Chris has since founded 3DR, an American company headquartered in Berkeley, California that makes enterprise drone software for construction, engineering, and mining firms, along with government agencies.

In this episode, we cover:
– How regulations need to catch up with technology
– What is Simulation
– Why it’s the Golden Age of AI/Simulation
– Virtual Reality for Robots
– We’re transitioning to an abundance of data, are we using it right?
– & different use cases for simulation

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