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Why C2i is the World’s First Platform for Cancer Intelligence

Omri Amirav-Drory, Ph.D. · @omri_drory · Apr 2022

The team at C2i Genomics is combining cutting-edge genomics and sophisticated AI to provide the world’s first whole-genome cancer intelligence platform, transforming the way cancer is monitored and treated.

C2i uses a blood test that can detect and quantify tiny amounts of residual cancer to better monitor cancer treatment, progression, and recurrence. NFX was an early stage investor in C2i due to their long-term vision and world-changing technology.

Listen to NFX Partner Omri Amirav-Drory talk with Asaf Zviran, Co-founder & CEO of C2i Genomics, about the future of their company, their latest technological breakthroughs, and where the industry is headed in the near future.

Asaf and Omri’s conversation begins at 11:15

Visit C2i to learn more – https://c2i-genomics.com/

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