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6 New NFX FASTs: Pre-Seed & Seed Funding In 9 Days
The NFX Team ·@NFX
Oct 2021

NFX’s new $450M Fund that we announced 2 days ago is rocket fuel for pre-seed & seed stage startups, and now we are making our new capital instantly actionable for Founders.

Other VC funding announcements might leave Founders wondering: “So now what? What action can I take to raise pre-seed and seed funding?” Here’s the answer.

Today we are launching six new FAST programs for Founders to apply to get pre-seed and seed funding in 9 days. FAST stands for: Founder-friendly, Application-driven, Software-enabled, and Transparent seed funding.

$20M has been allocated, and investments are first come, first served, so apply now. Here’s how it works and how to apply.

The application window for these first 6 FASTs is open October 7–31, 2021. Founders in these six categories can now apply for funding:

  • CryptoGaming FAST – For early Founders bringing gaming and web3 / crypto / NFTs together in all new ways.
  • Marketplaces FAST – For those who Marketplace opportunities that others do not.
  • Proptech FAST – For early Founders obsessed with changing the way real estate works.
  • TechBio FAST – For professors and grad students ready to start companies. The time of the Scientist-Founder is now.
  • Fintech FAST – For entrepreneurs with next-generation ideas in finance and payments.
  • Big Tech Dropouts FAST – This is a special FAST for up & coming entrepreneurs who are planning to quit their jobs at Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. The tagline is “We’ll give you capital to leave.

As Founders ourselves, we know how much time and effort Founders spend raising money. We are committed to using software to improve the fundraising process for Founders, so we built Signal (2017) and BriefLink (2018)  which are free fundraising tools used by 100,000s of Founders today. FAST is the next part of that effort.

We created our first FAST experiment in 2020 at the beginning of Covid, to invest more while other VCs were pulling back. During that period we 3X’ed our investing pace, and we hope to do so again with this targeted set of new FASTs.

Founders, we can’t wait to see what you’ve been building.

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The NFX Team
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