We run NFX like a startup. That means we hire world class talent, we build together, measure our metrics religiously, and we have ambitions to reinvent our industry.
What do we build? We build software, content, and curriculum. Why do we do it? To help millions of Founders and then invest in the best to create iconic companies.

We see what others do not.


Our content uncovers the mechanisms beneath iconic companies. We produce essays, a podcast, and videos focused on network effects, marketplaces, mental models, and frameworks for zero-to-one entrepreneurship.


Founders deserve a faster fundraising process. We build free software for the entire ecosystem to help entrepreneurs with fundraising whether we invest in them or not – Signal and Company Brief are used by tens of thousands of founders & investors worldwide.


We invest in world class, game-changing teams who solve problems across industries like consumer software, enterprise software, computational biology, games, etc.

Office Locations

San Francisco, Palo Alto, Israel

NFX Experience

Receive extraordinary care with top tier health, vision and dental plans for you and your dependents. Enjoy peace of mind with family-first parental leave, life insurance, disability, plus subsidized mobile phone & commuting costs.
Accelerate hitting your retirement goals with contribution matching and low cost fund choices, and no waiting periods to slow things down.
Professional development is embedded in the culture. You’ll have a front row seat to thought leaders, exclusive founder experience content, and learning events. You’ll also get an annual allowance to help you hone your craft.
Join this inspired tight knit group of people representing a broad range of backgrounds, countries of origin belief systems, and passions.
We’ve made it a priority to keep climate change top of mind, so as a company, we aim to be carbon neutral.