Stephanie Cherrin

Head of Network


Stephanie is a Bay-Area native who spent the better part of her adolescence and young adult life in Tel Aviv, Israel. She was an early entrant to Startup Nation where she worked with and invested in numerous companies. She is an expert connector and focuses on the long-term tangible value she can bring to portfolio companies and industry partners through relationships and mutually beneficial business ventures.

Stephanie started her career as a founding member of a B2C-focused fund in Tel Aviv. During her time there she leveraged her experience from banking, financial analysis and marketing to help companies find their product-market fit while being far away from their target customers in either Europe or the US. This model leveraged internet traffic for intense A/B testing to make informed product decisions before spending large amounts of capital on marketing campaigns that were not going to succeed.

In 2016 Stephanie moved on to lead the Israeli branch of the Deutsche Telekom hub:raum Fund, the corporation’s seed stage innovation fund that had incubation, prototyping and investment activities in Europe and Israel. As the Israeli representative she was responsible for bringing dozens of companies to market in partnership with Deutsche Telekom to a variety of countries. After 2.5 years of running these activities she took this position to the United States where she worked with T-Mobile US as an extension of Deutsche Telekom’s innovation activities. She worked with VCs, startups and corporate partners to generate tens of millions in revenue for the company.


Stephanie has lived in the US, UK and Israel and has a BA and MA in Counter-Terrorism and International Affairs. She threw in her government hat to promote international cooperation through technology.


Stephanie is a passionate surfer, married to one and sibling to two other relentless entrepreneurs, and a mother of a two-year old. She is dedicated to Sea Turtle conservation and a member of Surfing 4 Peace, Kelly Slater and Doc Paskowitz’s peace initiative in Israel.