Millie Chan



Millie is a full stack software engineer on the product team, dedicated to building the next invaluable tool for founders. She loves that she has direct input into what we build and can see the results immediately. She is also proud to be a part of such a diverse engineering team that is 80% women. 

Prior to NFX, Millie was fortunate to have worked as a biofuels researcher for the Department of Energy's Joint BioEnergy Laboratory, an IT analyst at Say Media, and most recently a Listener Advocate at Pandora Radio. Notably, she is proud to have worked on a team at Pandora that allowed her to advocate for all different types of users and spearhead the improvement of their assistive services and features for the blind in the Pandora mobile app.


Millie is huge fan of comedy. She also enjoys expressing herself through paint and is a freelance watercolor artist in her spare time. Her paintings range from human and canine portraits, quirky characters and whatever dreams or nightmares she can remember. 


B.S., Molecular Toxicology, UC Berkeley