Jenna Birch
VP Narrative & Communications
Jenna Birch


Jenna has spent her entire career as an entrepreneur—even before she knew she was one. She started working as a freelance journalist in college, writing for The Washington Post, HuffPost, Fortune, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and Yahoo. She also published a research-backed book about modern relationships, THE LOVE GAP (Grand Central Publishing), in 2018. Soon after, Jenna was recruited to join a new startup as a co-founder. During this period, she discovered how she could merge her love of storytelling and understanding of communications to help startups and VCs establish a differentiated presence in market.

Prior to NFX, Jenna led content and communications for Forerunner Ventures, an early-stage venture firm focused on consumer investments. She was previously also a consultant, helping startups, VCs, and private equity firms develop content, generate integrated communications plans, and pinpoint compelling GTM narratives to engage internal and external stakeholders.


Walking her dog, hiking, traveling, University of Michigan athletics (Go Blue), and meeting like-minded people; she leads a community for marketing and communications professionals in venture capital.


B.A., English & Creative Writing, University of Michigan