Amy Lin

Head of Product


has spent the last decade building products that reached 100 million people
across the finance and education sectors. She now leads the product team at
NFX, whose mission it is to transform the way innovators are funded, inspired
in part by her own frustrations as a founder. Among the products is Signal, the
founder:VC fundraising network, and VC Lists, where founders can easily find
the investors best suited for their sector and stage.

to joining NFX, Amy was the CEO and founder of Blendspace (acquired by Tes), a
leading online learning platform used by millions of teachers and students
worldwide. Investors included YC's ImagineK12, Reach Capital / New Schools
Venture Fund, and notable Silicon Valley angels. She was featured in Forbes 30
under 30 for her innovation in education.

began her formal product career at Microsoft building Excel for web and mobile.
She informally began her product career at the age of 12 coding websites about
her (then) favorite band Hanson.


Amy is passionate about increasing the number of girls in K12 interested in STEM, and also volunteers her time mentoring founders from underrepresented communities.

Credentials & Affiliations

BS, MS, Computer Science, University of Southern California
Board Member, USC Viterbi School of Engineering