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NFX is on a steep trajectory toward becoming one of the top seed funds in the world. We’ve built an exceptional team. We’ve closed a second fund of $275 Million, just one year after our debut fund. We are widely known as a go-to source for early stage Founders to access critical insights on network effects, growth, and fundraising. We built software that is used by 25,000 Founders & VCs worldwide, and we invest in the very best founders, who’ve gone on to raise capital from Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock, Google Ventures, NEA, Initialized Capital, and more.

Now we’re opening key positions across our INVESTMENT, PRODUCT, ENGINEERING and MARKETING (CONTENT, & DISTRIBUTION/MEDIA) teams as we embark into the next phase of our growth.

Who we are

We are founders ourselves. Collectively we’ve started 10 companies that exited for over $10 billion across multiple industries and geographies. We are Founder first because we were Founders first. We understand what it takes to build high-growth, sustainable companies that reinvent industries or forge entirely new ones.

But there’s more to the story. We believe the mindset of great Founders is rare, and demands an environment that supports it. The greater story that doesn’t get told, but should, is that when you start a company as we did many times — or help build it from the early stages as we now do — it isn’t about the companies at the core.

It’s about the people. These rare isotopes.

This is the network of minds we have cultivated at NFX. Venture capital is often discussed as numbers. But for us, the numbers are simply the fuel that lets us create the support system Founders deserve. And while many will focus on the fuel, it’s the rocket we care about. The people.

For our portfolio Founders, NFX is not simply a partner who understands the “what” of creating iconic companies, but more importantly the “why.” That kind of value-add cannot be captured in a platform of services or a roster of impressive partners.

It’s a caliber of mentorship that comes from recognition of oneself in another. We understand the true Founders because we are them.

We believe the next generation of great Founders deserve this better environment, a concentrated network of like-minded creators that serve as a compass on their Founder journey.

When we find those Founders, we stop at nothing to transfer everything we know — from network effects to growth to transformative thinking —  so they can have the same experience we did in creating much more than just a “business”.

About our team

Investments – we focus on seed stage startups and work with them to engineer growth and network effects into their products.

Engineering – we build external and internal products. Signal is the network for founders and VCs that fast-tracks the finding the right VC. We’re also proud of The Brief, (DocSend for fundraising), and The Force, our ML driven deal management system.

Talent & Network – we work with our portfolio Founders to speed up their progress by connecting them with the right people, information, and opportunities needed to build high-performing companies.

Content – we develop best-in-class content about network effects, growth, fundraising, & more for a global Founder community of 250,000+.

Our main office is in San Francisco, with additional offices in Palo Alto and Tel Aviv.

We are looking for world class talent.

We’ve created new roles and are expanding in these areas:

– Product – Product Manager | Product Engineer
– Marketing – Content Lead | Distribution/Media Lead

If you’re seeking a team that is high-caliber, unusually talented, and deeply passionate about our life’s work, get in touch.

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