NFX is Growing the Team: Engineering, Design, Content, & Growth

NFX is the venture firm for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Our team has collectively started 10 technology companies that created more than $10 Billion in value, so we deeply believe in the power of code. That’s why we started a venture firm that’s also a tech company — in addition to investing capital and providing hands-on support to startups, we build software to help founders cut through noise, shortcut hassles, and focus on building.

We recently announced our new fund and mission to build software and content that transforms the lives of entrepreneurs globally. To achieve this, we’ve assembled a high-caliber team of founders, engineers, operators, and journalists who are all passionate about helping founders succeed.

We are expanding and have five open positions to join NFX.

Open positions (to apply — qed at nfx dot com):

Full-Stack Software Engineer - You will play a critical role in the software products we’re building for startup founders globally. You will own features from ideation to ship while working with cutting edge technologies like GraphQL and React. (More info)

Product Designer - You will own the experience of how founders and VCs interact with our external and internal products. You will use your full range of product design, interaction design, and visual design skills, while collaborating closely with the NFX team. (More info)

Growth & Social Media Lead - You will lead the distribution strategy, build-out, and growth of our content encompassing all channels (text, video, email, mobile, social), audience segments (founders, VCs), and content types (articles, snippets, videos, infographics, illustrations, etc.). (More info)

Video & Digital Media Lead - You will visualize, storyboard, present, create, and edit videos that both accompany content pieces and serve as standalone content. You’ll move rapidly and optimize by distribution channel, always seeking the MVP video formats and paths-to-creation that yield the highest impact with our target audience. You are a skilled creative, highly proficient with video equipment, filming, editing software/tools, new trends, and distribution tactics. (More info)

Senior Content Lead / Editor - You will work alongside the NFX team to conceptualize, storyboard, and present topics and packagings that align with our goals for high-quality branding, thought leadership, and product marketing. You will then direct the creative team toward project execution encompassing writing, video, social, and illustration to ensure all trains are on the same track, working together, and arriving at the same time. (More info)

About our team & culture

  • Collectively, we’ve started >10 companies with >$10 Billion in exits
  • Our backgrounds include: product / engineering, marketing, journalism, design, operations, & media
  • Our teams focus on: software, content, investments, operations, and finance
  • On the software team, our first product is Signal, the network for founders and VCs. We’re also building additional tools aimed at helping founders speed time to scale.
  • On the content team, we’re pulling the best insights from our products and network, integrating our media & products, and experimenting with mediums and distribution.
  • On the investments side, we focus on seed and Series A startups and work with them to engineer growth and network effects into their products.
  • Our main office is in San Francisco (2nd & Mission), and we have additional offices in Palo Alto and Tel Aviv

We value:

  • Growth mindsets
  • Speed + agility
  • Honest and transparent culture
  • Data-driven thinking
  • Results-driven individuals
  • Open, effective communication
  • High quality output
  • Demonstrated passion and commitment

To be part of the NFX team means:

  • Being surrounded by highly driven people
  • Setting big goals
  • True camaraderie
  • A lot of laughter and team bonding
  • Moving quickly, learning, and iterating
  • Participating in a tight-knit community of founders, investors, and advisors
  • Dedication, above all, to always doing what’s best for founders

For more info on NFX, visit or follow us @NFXGuild