We're Hiring - Head of Network @ NFX

NFX is creating the venture firm that today’s Founders deserve. A venture firm that’s actually a network of top people fast-tracked with powerful software + rare know-how. A network that moves at the speed of you, shortcuts time to the next level, and empowers you orders-of-magnitude greater than anyone else.  

A network for Founders like us, who see what others do not. And must answer the calling.

We’re growing the team. Want to be part of building something amazing?

NFX is an early stage venture capital firm headquartered in San Francisco, founded by entrepreneurs who’ve built 10 companies with more than $10 Billion in exits. We’re searching for a “Head of Network”, who will be a central node in the NFX universe. This extraordinary individual will have access to the very best people & knowledge in the NFX network, and will use it to build powerful online & offline connections. This is a dream role for someone who is already deeply part of the early stage community, knows everyone and everything that matters now, and wants to create something from the ground-up that exponentially benefits Founders everywhere.

If this is you, we want to connect:

  • You’re based in San Francisco, and want to be FT on a dynamic, A+ team. From starting companies to building iconic brands, we are a team that aims extremely high and never stops pushing "limits”.
  • You think like a startup founder. Perhaps you’ve been one, or maybe you are just wired that way. You run in a circle of startup Founders, you always know what’s happening now, and who’s doing what.
  • You have a strong network in the early-stage founder community. You’re somebody Founders like and relate to.
  • You are the connector. You love people -- what they’re doing, who they hang out with, what they’re interested in. You’re passionate about bringing the right people together.
  • You are a builder. You aren't excited to make incremental improvements to something already great. Rather, you want to create great from the ground up.
  • You're bold. And by that we mean not just “I can do it” bold but also “I will figure it out” bold.
  • You’ve got a lot of quality hustle. Founders are our customers and our community - building it requires moving fast while still exercising great judgment & care.
  • You like being on a team. You care more about learning than being right. And you say “we” far more frequently than “me”.

Your Mission:

If you have a builder mentality, NFX is the place for you because you'll be the driving force in creating the strategy, crafting the plan, and then executing to goals. The end goal broadly is to:

Make connections among & for our portfolio companies, working across our startups, team, content, and software to bridge people, ideas, and opportunities.

  • Online (ex. Slack forums, portfolio-only content, startup resources, ongoing engagement, etc.)
  • Offline (ex. workshops, founder forums, mentor matching, happy hours, etc.)

Make connections with founders & others outside of NFX

  • Creating community groups based on vertical, stage, location, and fit
  • Online engagement (ex. forums, community-only content, AMAs, etc.)
  • Offline engagement (ex. working lunches, exclusive dinners, networking opportunities, group meetings, etc.)
  • Tracking progress, learning, & iterating

Make connections with top startup influencers (CEOs, early-stage VCs)

  • Online engagement (ex. co-creating content, distribution partnerships, etc.)
  • Offline engagement (ex. "clubs" for target interests, exclusive dinners, networking opportunities, group meetings, etc.)
  • Tracking progress, learning, & iterating

Send us an email HERE with your resume or LinkedIn, and why you think this is the perfect company and role for you.

About our team & culture

  • Collectively, we’ve started >10 companies with >$10 Billion in exits.
  • Our backgrounds include: product / engineering, marketing, journalism, design, operations, & media.
  • Our teams focus on: software, content, investments, operations, and finance.
  • On the software team, our first product is Signal, the network for founders and VCs. And we recently launched The Brief, which is like DocSend for fundraising.
  • On the content team, we’re creating best-in-class articles & case studies, building a brand that endures, and experimenting with mediums and distribution.
  • On the investments side, we focus on seed and Series A startups and work with them to engineer growth and network effects into their products.
  • Our main office is in San Francisco (2nd & Mission), and we have additional offices in Palo Alto and Tel Aviv.

We value:

  • Growth mindsets
  • Speed + agility
  • Honest and transparent culture
  • Data-driven thinking
  • Results-driven individuals
  • Open, effective communication
  • High quality output
  • Demonstrated passion and commitment
  • All-things-Star Wars

To be part of the NFX team means:

  • Being surrounded by highly driven people
  • Setting big goals
  • True camaraderie
  • A lot of laughter and team bonding
  • Moving quickly, learning, and iterating
  • Participating in a tight-knit community of founders, investors, and advisors
  • Dedication, above all, to always doing what’s best for founders
Partner James Currier with Content Lead Sachin Maini, working on the "Network Effects Manual"
Just a random team photo on a random Tuesday. (yeah, we kinda' like Star Wars)
Partner Pete Flint & VP Marketing Christen O'Brien hanging out @ the NFX Infinite Library.
NFX portfolio company Firefly, who just raised a $21.5 Million Seed.
Partner Gigi-Levy Weiss with NFX Friend & Advisor Stan Chudnovsky, Head of Messenger @ Facebook
The Library of Infinite Knowledge @ NFX HQ in San Francisco


Send us an email HERE with your resume or LinkedIn, and why you think this is the perfect company and role for you.