We're hiring - Engineer-in-Residence

Most venture firms have an “Entrepreneur-in-Residence”. We’re not like most venture firms.

NFX is a team of software people. As founders, we transformed antiquated industries and collectively built 10 companies that created more than $10 Billion in value. We did this in part by becoming students of network effects, mastering that network effects accounts for 70% of the value of creation in tech, and engineering them into software from day one. We’ve invested in 230+ companies with network effects built into their DNA including Lyft, Trulia, Houzz, Poshmark, and Coinbase.

Now we’re using this playbook again. Today as investors, we believe software will transform the venture capital industry and create a network effect VC model.

While we think venture capital will remain a “people business”, we’re also certain that software will radically change how innovation is funded and supported in the next 10 years. There is a huge opportunity for software to address headaches like fundraising, hiring, and knowledge transfer. And by opening many of our tools to the entire tech community, we hope to make an impact that is global.

If you are an engineer who wants to be on the inside of changing the VC and startup industry, and who wants exposure to how A-Level investors make investments, we want to meet you.

This Engineer-in-Residence role was designed for top software developers to learn how network effects work, get exposed to a high-caliber VC ecosystem, and build things from day one with an A+ team that will make a difference in how all founders are funded and supported.

What you will do

1. Build. You will work across our technologies and wear multiple hats on a tight team. You may be scaling how we handle our exponentially growing data sets of the Signal founder-VC network, researching and implementing latest ML/AI technologies into our VC AI , or developing a MVP of a new product to test. This is a role for engineers who have been coding professionally for 4+ years, prefers full-stack development and takes the pragmatic approach to software engineering. This is not a role for engineers who prefer just backend, frontend, or are dogmatic about using specific language, frameworks, and tools. Our stack is GraphQL/Apollo, React, Ruby/Rails, Redux.

2. Learn. You will learn how to build an iconic company and become a student of network effects (nfx). Very few understand how they actually work but you’ll have a front row seat into nfx, and will also gain a deep understanding of the relationship dynamics & nuances of the founder/VC ecosystem. You will work alongside founders and VCs, attend pitch and partner meetings, and collaborate with our team of entrepreneurs and operators. This is a role for engineers who want to play an active role in determining product direction. This is not a role for engineers who want to code to spec.

3. Impact. You’ll have the opportunity to transform a largely analog industry into one that is more efficient and effective, powered by software you create. This is a full-time role (with compensation and benefits of course) based in downtown San Francisco a block from Montgomery BART. This is a role for engineers who want to be immersed 100% in tackling these challenging human problems with code. This is not a side hustle.  

Think you have what it takes?


Email amy@nfx.com with questions.

About our team & culture

  • Collectively, we’ve started >10 companies with >$10 Billion in exits.
  • Our backgrounds include: product / engineering, marketing, journalism, design, operations, & media.
  • Our teams focus on: software, content, investments, operations, and finance.
  • On the software team, our first product is Signal, the network for founders and VCs. And we recently launched The Brief, which is like DocSend for fundraising.
  • On the content team, we’re creating best-in-class articles & case studies, building a brand that endures, and experimenting with mediums and distribution.
  • On the investments side, we focus on seed and Series A startups and work with them to engineer growth and network effects into their products.
  • Our main office is in San Francisco (2nd & Mission), and we have additional offices in Palo Alto and Tel Aviv.

We value:

  • Growth mindsets
  • Speed + agility
  • Honest and transparent culture
  • Data-driven thinking
  • Results-driven individuals
  • Open, effective communication
  • High quality output
  • Demonstrated passion and commitment
  • All-things-Star Wars

To be part of the NFX team means:

  • Being surrounded by highly driven people
  • Setting big goals
  • True camaraderie
  • A lot of laughter and team bonding
  • Moving quickly, learning, and iterating
  • Participating in a tight-knit community of founders, investors, and advisors
  • Dedication, above all, to always doing what’s best for founders
Just a random team photo on a random Tuesday. (yeah, we kinda' like Star Wars)
Partner Pete Flint & VP Marketing Christen O'Brien hanging out @ the NFX Infinite Library.
NFX portfolio company Firefly, who just raised a $21.5 Million Seed.
Partner Gigi-Levy Weiss with NFX Friend & Advisor Stan Chudnovsky, Head of Messenger @ Facebook
The Library of Infinite Knowledge @ NFX HQ in San Francisco

Think you have what it takes?


Email amy@nfx.com with questions.