For companies that haven’t yet reached product-market fit, we run a three-month structured investment program to help you get there. We call it the Growth Program. Classes have 15-25 companies at a time. Most of those companies have proven teams of 3-20 and have already raised capital. Many are second-time founders. Most of the founders come from proven centers of excellence.

NFX companies benefit from joining the NFX Alumni and their classmates in a trusted guild of entrepreneurs working on similar businesses with similar problems and assisting each other under the Guild’s code of confidentiality.

For the first three weeks of the program, we meet as a group twice per week. For the remainder of the weeks, we usually meet as a group once per week. Office hours are open five days per week and the companies can meet with the partners as often as it makes sense, typically up to twice per week. There are additional optional group sessions covering specific topics. Each company will be introduced - if required - to expert Advisors in the Bay Area with the ability to help with the specific challenges they face.

The NFX growth program events take place in Palo Alto and San Francisco in SOMA.

The other NFX office is in Israel, in Hertzeliya. Israeli NFX companies get an additional pre-program in Israel to help ensure they are prepared to make the most of the NFX experience in the Bay Area. The pre-program includes prep sessions, a class dinner, and office hours.

The NFX program ends with the NFX Conference & Demo Day, where each company presents in front of investors, journalists, and top potential hires. Below are the terms of funding.